Transit Bus Summit Grant Application

Please complete the below form to apply for the Summit. Make sure to complete the entire form and then click the blue "Continue" button. Please feel free to call Katie Sieracki at 847-423-2991 with any questions. We look forward to reviewing your application!

Event: Transit Bus Summit 2018
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What is your organization's projected need for new buses, paratransit vans or other vehicles?:

What is your organization's projected need for fare collection or passenger counting systems?

What is your organization's projected need for ITS, Mapping, AVL, Dispatch, or Enterprise Software systems?

Is there any specific component or software above for which you're interested (e.g., vehicle location, mapping)(type N/A if not applicable)?

What is your organization’s projected need for bus interior cleaning/sanitizing systems?

What's your organization's projected need for a signal prioritization system?

What's your anticipated need for any new or replacement brakes, axles or wheels?

For which of the above are you specifically sourcing (type N/A if not applicable)?

What’s your organizations projected need for new or replacement HVAC systems?

What's your organization's projected need for bus stop elements including shelters, signage, lighting, information systems or other?

What's your organization's projected need for a video system (training or surveillance)?

What's your organization's projected need for ADA lifts, restraints, or other paratransit equipment (non-vehicles?)

What’s your agency’s projected need for expanding or building new fleet facilities?

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